Arkadia – 2015 is upon us

What a year 2014 was!

We had android spiders, flying cars, the best hotels and their wood panelled bars… We are now looking at this New Year with glee, a taste of health and holistic spas, Mr Universe is training hard, and a lady in waiting to take her tabard. We’ve gone down the path of hobbies and fun with tractor collections and a master of paint, we look at tattooing, a tribal art to observe, but not for the faint. We explore new art – Mirek Lucan, one chap and his marker, the mood is light but the nights are darker… The houses we enjoy are overflowing with coffee, the air is scented, warm and frothy. We take pleasure in our cuppa, a morning treat, waiting for what the daytime will bring, taking strides into the twilight with an ice cold gin sling. Whatever your resolutions, we wish you one thing, a happy and healthy 2015 to you and your kin.

Have an amazing year gang, we charge our glasses (G&Ts of course) to you and yours.

Happy 2015 Dorset!