Arkadia autumnal edition 2016

Well, well Dorset… I can finally say it’s summer (…in autumn). I have a feeling it’s going to be a hot balmy end to the year, so we’re going to be forgetting about ‘Brexit’ gloom, and focusing on the good, the funky and the talented folk in and around our county! We spent our time, over the last few months, putting on and helping with some amazing parties, from our very own ‘Badbury Rings Rewind’ – 700 mums and dads and camping shenanigans – to ‘Chettle Fete’, the maddest village fete in the county, plus Dorset Volks Fest and many, many more good times in beautiful fields… On our travels, we’ve made new friends, discovered new advertisers and found that the county’s weirdly wonderful folk aren’t in short supply… From eagles to wolves, fabricators to craftsmen, photography to paint, we’ve got another collection of cool to drool over. Feast your eyes guys… This is Arkadia Dorset.