Arkadia May/June 2015

Summer Summer Summer Time… Summer time!!!

Yes – It’s Summer, it’s hot hot hot (Least it was, before you all start throwing your wellies at me) and the heat is getting us all excited. We’ve gone and accosted some great local artists, some of the best, and scrummiest places to try new food from wonderful continents, we’ve musicians, healthy bits, artisan mirror makers, festival shakers, and merry old gardening capers!

We’re settling into our second year now of producing Arkadia, so a massive thanks to all of you guys that have supported us, fed us, watered us, driven to our events, and kept the love for this little old bespoke magazine. This has kept me doing what I do, yes there are other ‘mags’, but as one of my fine friends said “They’re just not maverick are they?”

I guess that kind of sums us up, we’re not afraid to be ridiculed, we laugh in the face of commercialism, and we scoff at those that wish to proof read our magazine…go ahead you hardy fools. We’re planning on doing this for sometime yet – roll on 2015 Summer, see you all at the festivals, get following us get set to enjoy our Summer madness!!

See you by the cider tent for ‘South Coast Summer fare’!

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