Arkadia Spring Collection 2018

From the twinkling of your inception to the end of your journey, the World and it’s seasoned corridors always lead you to places of discovery, whether it be through visiting well-trodden clifftops or just an amiable mooch on your beloved part of the beach, the scent and the sound and the atmosphere changes, bringing with it new indecipherable learning and wonder to your spirit and your soul.

We are in the phase of our year to look back over the last few months of 2018, to see the changes, the measure of the planet and the warmth that on occasion lets us know that longer days and chock-full nights are coming, this is a time for me personally that I always reawaken, I live in the light, drawn to the warmth of the coastline, seeking out new adventures, this life in Dorset is handed to us on a platter, whether we have the chance to draw from our artistic leanings, or to have those special moments with our loved ones in a place that is truly unique to any other.

I always admire and take great strength from the vision of others, when asked for images of spring, the response was grand, an outpouring of images that I would have loved to have used across all of my pages, the signs of life, the visions of sunsets, the incredible scenery of our wholesome and spiritual land, the place we call home, the county we cherish, the blossoms are forming, the daffs are shaking off the chill of the night, the land is again firmly grasping the lushness of light and heat and encouraging us to do the same, take that moment, grab that memory and make this a wonderful part of the year to imbibe from mother nature the dreams and the hopes you desire for a beautiful year in our wondrous part of the world!

Welcome to Arkadia, enjoy your time out!