Arkadia – The Winter Collection

From the time your eyes start to process, you envision the world in your own way – the wonders are your own. Over time we’ve developed our world to be one where the most ‘amateur’ photographer can capture the spirit in time – a moment that means more to that sole clicker than to any other human being. Your loved ones get it, your friends ‘like’ it, but to you it’s that moment sat in the woods or the coves. It’s something that has purpose, not a post or a tweet, but something real.

Having grown up in the 70’s, I can remember the little albums of photos my parents had stashed in the attic. Things are so different today; I must have 62,000 images of first born on my computer…The places that were on your mind, a place built by moments, captured in time, one where the two arts and parts of the equation fit. In this edition we have a collection of images from different photographers that make us, hopefully, realise the moment, or recognize the art that the images possess. This may be just for art’s sake, maybe for the quality of the scenery – enjoy it, merry Xmas, and take from it what you will!

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Arkadia Winter edition 2015

Arkadia Winter edition 2015