Arkadia Summer 2018 – Five year Collection

Incredulously you have now picked up the fifth year’s Arkadia magazine, and what a great five years it has been… As I sit in the 30-degree sunshine, having just watched a young and energetic England team destroy Panama, the town is alive with the sound of the ‘chuckling’ seagulls, joining in with the wailing pitch of the merry young men staggering from the Marina Inn’s to hollas of ‘God Save The Queen’… what a beautiful time to be alive… and for us to be celebrating we’ve made it to the fifth year of production, a real salute and a testament to the skillsets of feature artists and stunning independent retailers we have in our incredible county.

Over the years it’s been so much fun together, I’ve revelled in making new friends, helping shape new companies, being a helping hand in new journeys and even had the odd party in a field along the way, all in the name of doing things differently, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me, picking up this eccentric magazine and taking us into your hearts and your homes…

Again we offer you many a beautiful image of this summer season, amazing local events, inspiring talented artists and some weird and wonderful messed up behaviour, visiting places that we are truly grateful for, a few very secretive and some just mind-blowing, I’ve lived in Lords pockets, eaten squirrel and even tried to learn silver-making, of which I failed miserably!

I have the pleasure of giving you the Arkadia, I hope you keep relishing the ride!