Spring – March – April 2015

Welcome to our spring edition of Arkadia magazine. We have to admit, we’re all feeling a little jaded after such a cold, grey winter but, as I’m writing this, the sun is shining down, the temperature is around 11 degrees, the birds are singing and I’m feeling the warmth seeping into my bones.

The world is changing around us and we can now slip into cruise control and head towards Sunnyville! And on that note, we’ve aimed this next edition at relaxed and exciting things to do and see – events, colossal sculptures, we’re landscaping your garden, we’ve got amazing local chefs showcasing their skills, and a property section to blow your mind, hopefully helping you move to our wonderful area if you’re just passing through. So, sit back, grab your shades, maybe take a pew outside and enjoy the start of spring ‘Arkadia’ style.