Xmas Arkadia 2014 (Nov-Dec)

It’s only blooming Christmas… What a wonderful year – we’ve managed to find some of Dorset’s finest artisans over 2014. Hopefully with our little ‘coffee table’ slice of this beautiful part of the country we’ve managed to raise some awareness, some eyebrows, but above all, some smiles. We’ve moved into events, bringing you a taste, a smell and a vision of our features, and laid them out on stalls, in fields and country estates across Dorset. The feedback on these has been nothing short of mind-blowing, and to the gang that help us achieve these feats – my gosh we love you!

So here it is, our second Xmas edition, built on the love of local food, we’ve gone all out feasting, spas and relaxation, steering away from the tinsel and the baubles and aiming squarely for the refined feel you’ve all become so used to.

I hope you all enjoy the read. We’ll raise a small dram in your honour over the Arkadian festive season, wish you all a healthy, wealthy New Year, and we’ll catch you on the flip-side for a lot more from the Arkadia Gang!